Meet The PROS Florida Team

DIANE STUCKART – Founding Member & Senior Researcher

Diane is a native Texan but has lived in the Sunshine State almost long enough now to call herself a Floridian. She's had a life-long interest in the paranormal and loves cemeteries for their peaceful and historic nature. A New York Times bestselling author of mystery novels, she incorporates supernatural elements into many of her fiction works. She considers herself an open-minded skeptic.

PAM CZARNECKI - Founding Member & Senior Researcher
Pam moved to Florida from Indiana seven years ago and ended up living in a condominium which she believes is also home to a non-human presence.  For Pam, however, this is 
nothing unusual, as she grew up in a house with significant paranormal activity. She's been interested in researching ghosts and other entities ever since. By day she works as an Accounts Payable Manager.

DONNA CLEVENGER - Senior Researcher & Data Analyst
Donna Clevenger is originally from New Jersey and has lived in South Florida for over 30 years. She's married with four grown children, three granddaughters, one cat named Boots and a Big Dog named Buster. Donna currently works as a Digital Merchandiser for a Health & Wellness Company. Although she's had several paranormal experiences, it was one specific occurrence that caused her to search for answers. She investigates with an open mind, but also with the knowledge that not every bump in the night is "Paranormal."

KARI BARNETT - Senior Researcher

Kari is an editor extraordinaire, ghosthunter, purse hoarder, and whatnot.

DAVID BATES – Senior Researcher , Videographer & Photographer 
David has lived in Palm Beach County since 1952. He’s a graduate of Riviera Beach High 
School (Class of ’69) and has been interested in the paranormal since the early 1970’s. David says he has “a very open mind to just about anything.” He is ready with his video

camera and various other equipment to assist you with your paranormal problems.

DIANE PEEPLES -  Senior Researcher

Diane Peeples, originally from Paterson NJ, now lives in Boynton Beach, FL. The mother of 3 grown sons, she works in Retail. Diane developed an interest in the Paranormal due to experiences beginning in early childhood.


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