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 About the Paranormal Researchers Of South Florida (PROS Florida)

Welcome to the updated website of PROS Florida (formerly the Gold Coast Paranormal Society). We're a volunteer group of experienced paranormal researchers specializing in documenting the unexplained. Got ghosts? Need help? We're here for you! 


PROS Florida specializes in paranormal research in homes, businesses, and public settings. Using scientific methods--digital pictures, temperature and EMF readings, and digital recordings--we attempt to provide logical explanations for seemingly otherworldly occurrences. And on those occasions when we find evidence that might point to a genuine haunting, we are there to give advice on how to cope with those ghostly interlopers.


The original GCPS team was established in late 2007. We revamped our group in 2019, including a name change and new team members. But our mission remains the help those frightened or confused by events they cannot explain. At the same time, we collect scientific evidence to build the case for the existence of ghosts and other entities. Our team members have collective decades' worth of combined experience with the paranormal. 

In addition to standard equipment such as video cameras and digital recorders, we use specialized equipment such as ion detectors designed and built for the group by  our former technology researcher.  But PROS Florida is as quick to debunk evidence as we are to accept it. Using sophisticated computer programs, we spend hours reviewing the data collected from a site and do not declare a location "haunted" until all possible explanations for the unusual events have been eliminated.


pros fl asylum caption.jpg

Photo from an Investigation at the Abandoned South Florida Mental Hospital.

Left to Right: Diane Stuckart, Kari Barnett, Donna Clevenger, Pam Czarnecki, and David Bates peeping out from a patient's room!

Standard equipment used:

  • Digital Recorder

  • KII Meter

  • Mel Meter

  • Laser Grids

  • Video Cameras: Full Spectrum and Infra Red

  • Digital Cameras

  • Ghost Box: Radio Shack Hacks & PSB-7

  • Audio Software for analyizing Digital Recordings

  • EMF Pumps

  • Motion Detectors

  • Flash Lights (red color lenses)

  • Most Important... EYES, EARS & INSTINCTS

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